In today’s ever changing workforce many organizations find themselves…

  • paying the high price of executive and/or contingent Recruiters to source for niche requirements.
  • having the business impacted by the long term vacancy in a hard to fill role.
  • still doing a lot of the search/recruiting work even though they have a search firm engaged.
  • needing to hire, but they don’t have a Recruiter on their team.
  • anticipating growth or a high turnover due to retirement of their existing workforce.


  • the fees for a professional search correlated to the value you are receiving?
  • your search Partner clearly understood your search up front resulting in spending your time more productively talking with only qualified candidates?
  • your search Partner reached passive candidates in industry-leading organizations?
  • timelines and milestones were clearly established and reported on for each search?
  • you were confident and proud of how your employment brand was represented in the marketplace?
  • your Partner communicated promptly and provided quality pre-qualification, behavioral based, interview notes that provided all the information you would typically gather in your first interview with a candidate?


The team at Kyler Professional Search has established a model that we believe addresses the toughest problem in corporate America today…  finding top talent in a cost efficient way.

We Strive To Be “Difference Makers”.

  • Relationship TRUMPS Revenue — While revenue is important to running any business, we KNOW that doing the RIGHT things to build lasting relationships will drive long term referrals and revenue.
  • Customized Pricing Our pricing is customized based on relationship and complexity of search. Our pay-for-performance bonus model has proven to be highly successful in getting top notch talent hired fast!
  • We partner with over 1,000 professional Recruiter’s to share candidate databases, reaching across many disciplines, industries and geographies.
  • Most importantly we CARE about your company as if it were our own!
“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle